Feature Overview

Easily create and manage comparison charts (also known as comparison tables or just WordPress tables)  in the WordPress admin panel.

Display ratings, custom fields, or preset sections like buy buttons, visit buttons, icons, etc. Divide chart sections into groups. Easily re-order the chart by dragging and dropping.

Automatic Pulling And Ordering Of Content
When embedding charts automatically, the posts to display will automatically be detected. For example, if you embed a chart on a category page, the items in that category will automatically be used in the chart. If you are using a review plugin that orders your content based on rating, the chart will display your top rated posts first.

Automatic Embedding In Any Theme
Embed comparison charts in any theme without the need to touch any code.

Integration With Review Plugins
WP Comparison Charts integrates with all of the popular WordPress review/rating plugins: WPReviewEngine, WPReviewSite, WFReview, MyReviewPlugin, and GD Star Rating.  Use one of these plugins to add star ratings to your comparison charts and order your content with the highest rated items first.  For those who are not using a review/rating plugin, an internal rating option is available to add rating stars to your items.

Control Categories Individually
Control exactly which categories a comparison chart is embedded on. Control which comparison chart is displayed and the posts/pages it includes.

Control Language From The WordPress Admin Panel
With WP Comparison Charts you never have to edit any template or language files – you can control all of the language right from the WordPress admin panel.

Shortcodes & API to Display Charts
Using a shortcode, you can embed charts in any post or page, and specify their content. You can also use the API to display charts anywhere in your theme.

Control Chart Styling With CSS
Advanced users can create CSS and template sets to control the exact display of the charts. All of the HTML and CSS code is stored in easy to read template files, which can easily be copied and modified to create new unique looks.

Works With Both Pages And Posts
You can display both pages AND posts in the chart.

Automatic Checkmarking
Optionally, convert all fields with a value of Yes to a checkmark and all fields with the value of No to an X-mark.

HTML as Cell Data
WP Comparison Chart’s pulls cell data from WordPress custom fields. You can enter HTML in the custom fields to display anything you want inside the chart cells – images, stylized text and more. Anything that can be displayed with HTML and CSS can be displayed as cell data in a comparison chart.

Check out the demos to see these features in action!